Improper months swiping in ion-datetime (Ionic 6)

The calendar swipe doesn`t work properly for me. It sticks on swiping when there is about 25% way left. I’ve tested on the web and on Android. Is it Ionic 6 bug?
video attached:

is it possible that you are using the same [value] field to both the datetime components?
can you share your code please?

sorry, was the wrong video. Updated :slight_smile:
My code:

<ion-datetime presentation="date"

are you showing the datetime component inside something else (like a modal or a popup?)

Have you modified the css ?

lools like a js/css behaviour

yes, in the video I’m showing in the modal. But the same issue I get when I show datetime component without modal or something else

only now i’ve understood what you meant: the ion-datetime wasn’t worlking while Swiping, not using the arrows!

I have the same problem on Android, but it works fine on iPad.
Did you manage to find a solution?