Inconsistent display when using directives vs. plain elements with classes

Over time I’ve been experiencing quite a lot of inconsistent display issues when using either ionic’s directives, angular ui directives or plain HTML elements with ionic classes. The last two examples of such behavior that I’ve noticed are:

  • when using <ion-list> rather than <ul class="list">. Specifically, applying the list-inset class leads to visibly different results in how left and right margin is applied to each list item.

  • when using <ion-nav-view> instead of <ui-view>. I can’t say what the problem is exactly, I just realized that when using the second instead of the first removes a nasty black background problem in case of deeply nested state and view hierarchies.

  • ionList and ul.list shouldn’t change, since the css being applied is the same. Can you provide a codepen of this?

  • ionNavView is the correct way to work with ionic. The black background is something that is getting fixed in a bigger nav-rework