CSS issues between directives and components

I’m very enthousiastic about ionic but I’m facing an issue when using the list directive.
The styling is not correctly applied when I use item-type=“item item-thumbnail-left”.
As I described here : https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/509

The directive add a “item-content” element that break CSS.

Thanks for opening an issue! At this point we’re still in alpha and there are lots of things to fix and improve, so the best help I can offer in the meantime is to use some custom CSS, or feel free to fix it yourself and submit a pull request.

I’ve write a quick fix : https://github.com/arnaud-f/ionic/commit/027e81a4c03a1f47145341bb90323f9423f7e96d

I suggest to add the item-type class in the a tag. (with the item-content class).That plus some css improvement.

I don’t PR this commit know, the change may have some unexpected behaviours.

What do you think ?