Difference between <ion-list> and <ul class="list">?

I’ve been developing apps with Ionic for quite some time now and I’m enjoying it very much.
Praise for Ionic aside, something about the framework isn’t clear to me.

When creating the UI you can both use



<ul class="list">
    <li class="item"></li>

Q1) Both samples give me a perfect valid list, but what is the actual difference between them?
I’m assuming the <ion-list> is using the AngularJS directive and <ul> is just using CSS styling to get the layout.

Q2) Is the CSS option more performant than the JS option or has any option a benefit over the other?


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if you only need the styling stuff use the css-component it is more performant.

With the direktive you get more functionalities like handling multiple lists via an controller or the ion-delete-button, ion-reorder-button or ion-option-button.

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