Including a JAR file in the project?

I’m making an application that needs to generate a PDF file, and send it as an email.
This plugin looks perfect for generating a pdf html2pdf, but I don’t understand how to do this step in the installation instructions

This Plugin requires iText.jar to be added to your project. Here is the last open source version (4.2.0) of it:
Download .jar::
It has been confirmed to work with cordova 3.3.0+`

How do I include iText.jar in my current project ?

Can some one explain how to include third party libraries into ionic2 project??

You don’t need to include it manually. From the Git repo there is iText.jar file already present in the libs dir.

If you want to update it to the latest. Clone the repo and replace the iText jar file with the latest then install plugin from the local path instead of git URL

ionic plugin add

I clone the repo when i run it it’s is showing only Preparing any other error showing.

Do you see any errors in the console ? I would suggest debugging your android app to find out the exact cause