Ionic 3 integration with external library dependency (.jar file)


I have my app, working fine as it is in ionic 3.
I am using android api-16, in order to be able to support android 4.1 as well [i have cross-walk plugin as well] Now i have an external SDK provided by 3rd party. They have given us a .jar file, in order to be able to use their API methods.

My question is: i see lot of examples with native apps [with android studio ide] being able to use external dependencies in their manifest file, and being able to use them. How can i integrate the external SDK , provided by 3rd party, to my ionic app.

-> how can i code in typescript, to use their JAVA (.jar file)
I am aware of cordova-plugins , but this is just the .jar file. how can i consume this in my ionic app
-> how about compile and run time inclusion of that dependency to our app?

Not finding any useful link in this forum for this topic.
Any hint given is highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Did you get the answer for your query ?

Create a plug-in for that java lib. a cordova plugin.