Integrate jar file

Hello everyone,

I searched all over the web but couldn’t find an answer. Hope here someone can help me.
I want to integrate a jar file with IONIC and run commands. There is no tutoiral or information about this on the web.

Thanks in advance

I Romin,

I can help you for this, please add me on your Skype cis.kristy for further discussion on your project.

I have 5+ years of experience as a IONIC developer and I can surely help you for this work at nominal cost.

I Would be happy to assist you on your project.

Looking forward to your revert,

Kristy Jones

IONIC use javascript. and a jar file is a java package they are completely different and I don’t see how you want to mix them.

So there is no way to integrate jar and talk to java in IONIC?

I don’t think so…
you can to do it with a native android app with no ionic and pure JAVA code.

I suppose it would be theoretically possible by writing a cordova plugin, but even if you got that far it would only work on Android. You would need to reimplement the functionality for iOS.

Hi rapropos ,

Can you please give a code snippet how to implement using cordova plugin. it would help for including me and lotz others.