inAppBrowser's done button isn't showing up

Hi Ionicers!

I al working on a little app that have external links on it, and I’ve activated the inAppBrowser plugin, so the links gets opened in the app view, but the thing is … that little button that says “Done” doesn’t shows up!? do I need to do something extra within my ionic project ? any thoughts …?

Thanks in advance for your help …

Nope, that should show automatically.

Can you share some code that you use to open the links?
Also, you installed the plugin successfully right ?


What target are you using when launching the InAppBrowser. Using _system probably won’t show a done / close button because it uses the system browser. However, using _blank opens a Cordova browser.

Also note that the location must be set to yes for Android since the close button is part of the location bar.

I’m hoping that made sense.


It not show the close button for IOS

var options = {
location: ‘yes’,
clearcache: ‘yes’,
toolbar: ‘no’

$scope.openpdf = function () {
    //$rootScope.AttachmentUrlDoc, '_system', 'location=yes,toolbar=yes');
    $$rootScope.AttachmentUrlDoc, '_blank', options)
        .then(function (event) {
            // success
        .catch(function (event) {
            // error

Anyone has this problem?

Have the same issue. no done button regardless of what I put as params. inapp browser is installed properly too. Anyone to help?

found a solution. Updated the inappbrowser to the latest and voila!