Inappbroswer doesn't show close(done) for images

I see the image, but not able to close the image once seen,
here are the options:

   32       const options: InAppBrowserOptions = {
   31         resizable: 'yes', //
   30         location: 'yes', // Or 'yes'
   29         footer: 'yes', // creates a 'close' in the footer
   28         hidden: 'no', // Or  'yes'
   27         clearcache: 'yes',
   26         clearsessioncache: 'yes',
   25         // zoom: 'yes', // Android only ,shows browser zoom controls
   24         hardwareback: 'no',
   23         mediaPlaybackRequiresUserAction: 'no',
   22         shouldPauseOnSuspend: 'no', // Android only
   21         closeButtonCaption: 'Cerrar', // iOS only
   20         disallowoverscroll: 'no', // iOS only
   19         toolbar: 'yes', // iOS only
   18         toolbarPosition: 'bottom',
   17         enableViewportScale: 'no', // iOS only
   16         allowInlineMediaPlayback: 'no', // iOS only
   15         presentationstyle: 'fullscreen', // iOS only
   14       };
   13.      this.iab.create(data, '_blank', options);

when using the target of _self the image shows but there is no close button, I have to close the application completely and then re open it.
when using _blank then the image doesn’t show with the button below but says Load Error.

Anyone encounter this before?

also: data is: ionic:///path...

If I convert the image into a Base64 then it will show. But, this is not ideal as I don’t want to be saving large base64 strings locally and would much rather prefer to just look at the phones path instead.

if you only want to show image then use this plugin photo-viewer or full-screen-image

Alright, thank you I’ll give that a try. I didn’t want to have to download and install yet another plugin, but, I’ll give that a look/try.

Well I tried it and it works/kinda. It doesn’t work with iOS though…surprise almost nothing works with iOS