Add button in inappbrowser to hide it

Hi there,

I have an external link to an url with a map in my Ionic-v1 app. Currently I have the close-button in my InAppBrowser activated and I can open the URL again from my app. However, the position on the map is of course not remembered (it just reopens the url).

So I found in the docs the InAppBrowser.hide() which would really help me. However, I have trouble finding a way to add this method in the app. What’s the best way?

  • Change the current close button to do hide instead of close (so manipulating the en inappbrowser.m for Android en iOS respectively
  • Add javascript to the inappbrowser on load and make here a hide button and just deactivate the close-button
  • Or…?

Does anyone have suggestions / best practices / code examples?