Inappbrowser IOS _self target

I have an app that opens an html in inappbrowser and works perfectly on android, but in ios opens safari and every time it shows the html does it in a new tab.
Does anyone know of any way to not open the html in a new tab or to have it in inappbrowser using the _self method.
In InBrowser’s documentation Cordova explains that it only supports system, but maybe there are some work arround …


Maybe the website have activated the blacklist?

If the blacklist was activated, the web understands that it just would not show up, would it?
The problem is that the web is displayed, but in safari and every time you have to show it instead of opening it on the same tab does it in a new one, making the app not usable

thanks for your response!!!

If the app is blacklisted you can’t open inappbrowser in _self, only in a new tab (maybe safari blocks for any reason).

Maybe you can solve this problem using the plugin “themeappbrowser”. Check it

Hope this helps

I have been assured that on the server there is no balcklist, so it should not be that.
And on the other hand, the plugin themeablebrowser is a fork of inappbrowser that allows you to customize the look, but does not speak anything of the problem with IOS _self target. Do you think it could help me?

Probably not :frowning:

That supposed :roll_eyes:
I will try…
In any case, thank you very much for your help