InAppBrowser Open Links External Inside InAppBrowser

Hello guys,

let me ask you something:
InAppBrowser, i can use in three ways: 1)_self (open url if in whitelist in cordova webview, if not in whitelist open in system browser), 2) _blank (open url in InAppBrowser) 3) _system (open url in system browser).

sure, my problem is:
i already have a web app, that im trying to “convert” in mobile app with ionic for ios and android, this webapp will open inside of inappbrowser but… i have some issues:

  1. if i open my url with _self (i put oauth urls and my webapp url in whitelist in config.xml) the app works as pretended, in webview inside app and all others urls like ADS, when user click will open automatically in system browser, not inside app. ok. but using _self it open in cordova webview, i cant manage events in cordova webview like in inappbrowser (loadstart loaderror loadstop exit).
    i have a loaderror event that hide browser and show message (on disconect for example), then when loadstart again, reload page then show browser, and exit event to close the APP.

  2. if i open my url with _blank (inappbrowser) i can manage events (loadstart loaderror loadstop exit), but ALL OTHERS URLs open inside inappbrowser! ADS url for example, i tried detect the url if not match my domain, start new brownser with the new url in _system, but i can do it only in loadstart, and loadstart only happen 1 time, when inappbrowser start, when url change in inappbrowser i cant do nothing. the ads urls still open inside app.

so i think the best way is use inappbrowser because i can manage events.
its possible to use inappbrowser as _blank using whitelist urls like _self ? i would like to open all links inside my webapp (loaded already inappbrowser) in system browser when user click.

im using ionic 3.


Were you ever able to figure out a solution to this problem ?