In-app purchase gets approved without doing anything


I am working on a project that has implemented in-app purchase using @ionic-native/in-app-purchase-2. When listening to the approved event, it fires off before even calling i.e. IAP2.order('product').
Shouldn’t the approved event only happen when a user has finished purchasing the product?

After searching around, this seems to be because of caching of in-app purchases for the user.
People seem to have “solved” this by creating new iOS sandbox user for every test.
I tried again to create a new sandbox user, but actually experience the same issue even with the new user.

What could be setting the products to approved? I have even tried to set the “valid” state when registering the products, but this is overwritten at some point.

If anyone has an example implementation using the in-app-purchase plugin or the in-app-purchase-2 plugin with react, preferably using functional components, that would really help.

Any help appreciated, thank you!