Ionic Native - InAppPurchase2 - When calling store.when().approved() it runs the callback before the confirmation is complete

I’m setting up in app purchases in my Ionic app and I’ve been having some trouble getting the test purchases working correctly. It would seem that as soon as I execute this particular function, it automatically runs the code as if it was approved, even though the confirmation to get the subscription hasn’t occurred yet:

this.platform.ready().then(() => {

      // Register the products for consumption
      this.products.forEach(product => {{
          alias: product.alias,
          type: product.type

        // When a purchase is approved, see what we get here => {
          // Purchase was successful, setup the appropriate subscription
          this._subscriptions.updateSubscription(, this.selectedPlan.amount, 'activate').then(() => {
            if(this.selectedPlan.amount === 1) {
              this.subscriptionGrammar = 'month';
            } else if(this.selectedPlan.amount > 1) {
              this.subscriptionGrammar = 'months';


I was under the impression that utilizing the .when().approved() would only fire once the payment “goes through”. Since I’m using test transactions, I’m not sure how that would affect it, but I would suspect it should only do that once I hit “Confirm” on the Google dialog that pops up in my app?

Is there something I’m missing here?