Importing Cordova Project to Ionic Project

We have a relatively mature Cordova app which has been out for almost a year (with several iOS app updates already) and I just came across Ionic. I am the owner of the company, not the developer so I need to understand what sort of effort it would take to convert a Cordova app into an ionic app. We do not use phonegap. I understand some things would need to be re-written?

How long might this process take? Also, once we convert to ionic, does that mean it’s automatically compatable with android? My developers have told me it would take 3+ months to build the android wrappers and fully QA it. Is this completely unnecessary if we had built our Cordova power in ionic to start with?

Would we lose any functionally from switching to Cordova to Ionic? I’m hoping this is possible and easy. Please share some good news!

Thanks everyone.