How to convert old cordova project to ionic2


I wish to switch over to ionic 2 and currently developing cordova project in android only.

Can you guild me how to convert my cordova to ionic 2?.

I search many google and forum cant find anything about this.

All the people talk about how to start a new ionic only. But how i can convert and switch over?.

I try to ionic create and copy my cordova www into and it not work.

Need your help to guild me where to start my convert the project and so i can continue the projects in ionic2.

Thank you


I have the same question.

I suspect the only way is to:
1/ create an empty Ionic project
2/ copy the resources of your existing project to your new Ionic one (html, js…)
3/ add any needed plugin using the appropriate ionic command

But I hope there is a better way! :slight_smile:


Ionic projects are Cordova projects, Ionic provides the UI and functionality and Cordova allows you to install it on devices and access Native APIs. When you create a new Ionic project, it contains all the normal Cordova files and folders, it just has the Ionic stuff added to it.

So, if you have a Cordova project where the application is built using something other than Ionic, there’s no way to easily convert it to Ionic (just like you can’t easily convert a PHP application to Ruby, or Angular to React). You will need to rebuild the app from scratch using Ionic.