Import17 is not defined error

When I run my ionic app on android it shows white screen after slashscreen, I saw the error on chrome debugging tools saying (I noticed this occur each time I install email composer plugin, and doesn’t leave then even after uninstalling the plugin),
(App runs as expected when i run it in browser using ionic serve)

import17 is not defined

Screenshot of the problem:

I have tried google search a lot but couldn’t find a solution. I have to submit the app in a few days. It is a fully ready app and I have no backup, please help.
Any suggestions are open.

Here is my ionic info output:

cli packages: (C:\Users\aksha\Desktop\ionic_apps\askGanesha\node_modules)

    @ionic/cli-utils  : 1.9.2
    ionic (Ionic CLI) : 3.9.2

global packages:

    Cordova CLI : 7.0.1

local packages:

    @ionic/app-scripts : 1.3.7
    Cordova Platforms  : android 6.2.3 browser 4.1.0
    Ionic Framework    : ionic-angular 3.2.1


    Android SDK Tools : 26.0.2
    Node              : v6.10.3
    npm               : 3.10.10
    OS                : Windows 10

Thanks & Regards

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