How can I make Native Transitions work in Ionic 2?

As mentioned here, Native View Transition Animations
Telerik’s native transition plugin does work with Ionic 1, but is it possible to make it work in Ionic 2? Thanks!

You don’t need it for ionic 2, nor do you for ionic1 in that matter.
We’re not going to support that plugin anyways.

Some clarification would be great here. Why not?

For the most part, animations have been completely reworked. They’re much more performant, smoother, and overall better in every way.

Also, the native transitions plugin, didn’t really transition states anyways. It was just a screenshot that was animated, and in my opinion, that was pretty hacky.

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Do you care to explain this:

And statements made here:

…in light of your response above.

I can’t yet comment on ionic2 screen transition performance especially given more complex UIs and throwing less powerful devices in the mix. However, ionic1 out of the box transitions given above scenarios was close to being unacceptable. Again, this may not apply to the average joe or plain vanilla apps.