Unable to show images on android emulator

Hi all,

I ran into a problem where I am unable to get the image to load on the android emulator. The thing is that I am using a Parse database. I stored my images on the Parse database and retrieved the images using Parse API. The image cannot be displayed on the android emulator.

But when I hardcoded the image file path on my ionic app, it is able to show on the android emulator. The emulator I used is Genymotion.
What should I do in order to get the image to load on the android emulator?

Below is the code I used

<ion-view view-title="Images">
  <ion-content ng-controller="QuotesCtrl">
    <ion-slide-box show-pager="false" on-slide-changed="slideHasChanged($index)" active-slide="selectedSlide">
      <ion-slide ng-repeat="quote in quotes track by $index">
        <div class="list card">
          <div class="item item-image">
          <!--<div class="item item-body">-->
            <img class="full-image" ng-src="{{quote.localfile}}"></img>
          <div class="item tabs tabs-secondary tabs-icon-left">
            <a class="tab-item" ng-click="favourite($index)">
              <i ng-class="{'icon ion-ios7-heart': liked, 'icon ion-ios7-heart-outline': !liked}"></i>
            <a class="tab-item" ng-click="download($index,false)">
              <i class="icon ion-android-download"></i>
            <!--<a class="tab-item" ng-click="share(card.quote.image)">-->
            <a class="tab-item" ng-click="share($index)">
              <i class="icon ion-share"></i>


.controller ('QuotesCtrl', function ($scope, $timeout,$ionicLoading,$ionicActionSheet,$ionicSlideBoxDelegate, QuotesService, FavouriteService, TAG){

   *  I am able to get the image to load on the Genymotion Android Emulator.
  var cardTypes = [

  $scope.selectedSlide = 0; // initial

   *  I am unable to get the image to load on the Genymotion Android Emulator.
    template: '<i class="icon ion-loading-c"></i>Loading...',
    duration: 5000
  QuotesService.all().then(function(results, quotes){
    $timeout(function() {
      console.log ("["+TAG+"] Promise results size is "+results.length+".");
      //console.log ("["+TAG+"] Quotes is "+JSON.stringify(quotes)+".");
      //$scope.liked = checkLiked ($scope.selectedSlide);



.factory('QuotesService', function(LIMIT, TAG) {
  return {
    all: function () {
      console.log("["+TAG+"] Inside Quotes.all.");
      return this.getQuotes(0);
    getQuotes: function (pageNumber) {
      console.log ("["+TAG+"] Inside Quotes.getQuotes.");
      var startDate = this.getDate(-1);
      var quotes=[];
      console.log ("["+TAG+"] the page number is "+pageNumber+".");
      var quoteObj = Parse.Object.extend ("Quote");
      var query = new Parse.Query (quoteObj);
      query.descending ("updatedTime");
      return query.find({
        success:function (results) {
          console.log ("["+TAG+"] The size of the returned result is "+results.length+".");
          if (results.length>0) {
            for (var i=0;i<results.length;i++) {
              var quote = results[i];
        error:function(error) {
          console.log("["+TAG+"] An error has occurred.");
        return Parse.Promise.as (results,quotes);
        return Parse.Promise.error(error);

I managed to get it fixed by adding $scope.quotes=[]; at the QuoteCtrl class.