Why Json data not working on device?

Hello my app work’s on browser, but some stuff I can’t see in emulator/phone.
for example :

< img ng-src="{{DefinitionCtrl.checking.feedbackMessage.img}}" class=“image-definition”>

the data is loaded from JSOn, any solution?

a) Everything work on Browser, but not on Device.
b) if i put brutal path’s it works… like src=“images/blabla.png” on Device
c) When i made < span ng-bind=“DefinitionCtrl.checking.feedbackMessage.img” /> it returns me the right path even on Device.

Any solution? Sorry for my English :smiley:

Is the image path actually available from the device? Is it a local image?

Yeah it’s local image when i write {{DefinitionCtrl.checking.feedbackMessage.img}} it’s return me local path.

And the image definitely exists locally at that exact path? If you hard code the exact same value into the src attribute of an image it will display?

Yea - i find where’s problem when i build apk it’s add prefix to every image - and in this way the path dosn’t change. Any solution :)?

Not sure what you mean exactly. Example?
You probably just need to split the path from wherever it becomes relative to the www root of your app.

Well i solved the problem it wasn’t Ionic problem so i sorry for messing up here. If someone have the same problem - Gruntfile add prefix to images and if u declare this way {{DefinitionCtrl.checking.feedbackMessage.img}} it’s not working :slight_smile:

I always leave the grunt img naming out when doing dev builds. Saves a bunch of headaches.