Images filter


I’m looking for a way to implement images filters (like Instagram) but the libraries I have see are slow when executed on the phone device !!

Does someone has a suggestion ?


Hi there,

Nobody has an idea or example ?

I have see an example playing with a Canvas and glfx.js … something like :

var canvas2 = fx.canvas();

                            .brightnessContrast(imageThumb.filter.brightness, imageThumb.filter.contrast)
                            .hueSaturation(imageThumb.filter.hue, imageThumb.filter.saturation)
                            .denoise(imageThumb.filter.denoise * 100)
                            .unsharpMask(imageThumb.filter.radius * 100, imageThumb.filter.strength)
                            .vignette(imageThumb.filter.size, imageThumb.filter.amount)

But it seems that there are problems on Samsung …

No, at all, I find no solution :frowning:

BTW, I hired you on for a small job. You got access to our code repository but nothing has never been delivered.
Have you delete the code you got from our repository ?

(You have delete your facebook account and you don’t answer on skype anymore !)

I’m surprised you are interested by a question related to our project !

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