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I’m doing a social network of photography app and the problem I have are the filters of images as does instagram, I tried to do it on canvas and take too about 11 seconds on a iphone 5 is that puden do with WebGL but ios 6 and 7 not support it, I tried the plugin in the camera allows me to change the picture as it does ios 7 with its own filters but I can not and I’m going crazy lol

If i’ve undestood well your post, you want to make an app which allows users to apply filters to their photos before uploading them to your social network.

Someone please correct me, but with ionic (and hybrid mobile development) the image edition in javascript is a heavy task and you probably should try to make a native app with libraries for image edition.

If you still want to use HTML5 for your mobile app, maybe try to stick to css3 image filters ( Nice list in this link: ) and edit the images directly on your backend with php / ruby / phyton / java, etc…

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You’re right @Bonda. In my opinion, hybrid applications are not meant to deal with heavy tasks like image manipulation. I made some tests a few months ago and I have to admit that It was tricky and painful to edit and create picture on the fly with some nice effects. I guess it’s hybrid applications’ limitations for now. Good luck with your project anyway :slight_smile:

@Sonictres another option would be to create custom plugins that do the work in native Java / Objective C and then just reference those plugins from inside your Ionic application.

Once you know how, making the plugins is actually relatively simple and if you’re considering going fully native you’d need to write the Objective C / Java anyway, so might be worth looking at creating your own plugins!

Good luck :smile:

Hello all, in my application am taking image with camera but i don’t know how to edit that image (like writing a text,number,on image) please help me to solve above problem Thanks in advance