Filter not appearing on canvas when changing image by using DataURL

I’m stuck with this 2 days already. Could someone help me get through it. Thank so much. Well, I’m working on ionic photo booth application. What I have to do is I get the image from iOS camera and apply filter on top of that image. I can get image on canvas but applying filter is failed somehow. I have no idea how to fix it.

this._CANVAS1 = document.getElementById("canvasEl1");   
this._CONTEXT1 = this._CANVAS1.getContext("2d");
var that = this;
var take_img = new Image();
take_img.onload = function() {
that._CONTEXT1.filter = 'brightness(1.2) saturate(100%) hue-rotate(330deg)';
that._CONTEXT1.drawImage(take_img, 15, 15, 820, 820);
arr = that._CANVAS1.toDataURL("image/png").split(',')[1];
that.ajax_uploadImage( arr , 1);
take_img.src = this.face1_img;