Images don't load when running app on Android

Hello everyone. I know there are some topics regarding this issue, but I’ve tried all the solutions mentioned in them and nothing seems to work. I have a background image and it doesn’t show in my app when running it on Android. I already inspected my device using Chrome’s dev tools and the location of the pictures corresponds to the one on the console when it says “failed to load resource” (but the image IS in the location it is being looked up in). I would really thank anyone who wants to help me or point out to me what the issue here is. Thanks.

Here ot says the image was not found

When clicking the link to the image, I am taken here:

I can’t actually see the image here, but I can see it from my computer before the Android build. I think this might also be an issue, since when I upload the scss file and run the app again, the changes I just made are not reflected when running the app.

You could to show your css file with the background url.