Scss background images show with "ionic serve" but not "ionic run"


in my app i make extensive use of background images to style the components.

when i test the app with “ionic serve” all is fine.
with “ionic run android” the images do not get displayed.
the files are present in www/assets/img/ as well as src/assets/img/ and are referenced in the scss with e.g.:


any ideas, what is wrong?
thanks a lot!

I am also facing the same issue. Requesting to please, reply for correct answer for this issue.

with ionic serve src folder is avaiable, but on device src folder is not anymore avaiable. So you must point your paths from the view of your www folder.

in scss
background-image: url('../assets/whatever.png') no-repeat;

so generated css points to the right folder,
Paths in html looks assets/…

Best regards, anna-liebt