Images don't get displayed on Android device

My html file contains:

  <ion-card ion-item *ngFor="let item of items" (click)="itemTapped($event,item) ">
    <img src="{{item.image}}"/>
    <div class="card-title">{{item.title}}</div>
    <div class="card-subtitle">{{item.subTitle}}</div>


the controller contains this code:

        {title:"Item 1",subTitle:"one",image:"assets/img/preview_1.png"},
{title:"Item 2",subTitle:"two",image:"assets/img/panorama_2.png"}

it works well when running in the browser using ionic serve, but once built for Android (with the Ionic Cloud service) the images don’t get displayed on the device.

I tried:

1)./assets/img/panorama_2.png instead of ./assets/img/panorama_2.png

2)<img src="url({{item.image}})"/> instead of <img src="{{item.image}}"/>

but still nothing

I’m not sure if it makes a difference, but the normal format is:

<img [src]="item.image"/>

I figure it’s at least worth a shot to try.