Image not displaying from server ionic 4

I want to show list of categories.

Image is not shown on android version 9 and above.
when I try to put static image it shows perfectly but image from server is not shown.


  <ion-row  class="margin" *ngFor="let row of grid">
    <ion-col size="3" class="ion-text-center" *ngFor="let item of row" (click)="quizInfo(item.categoryId,">
      <img class="logo" [src]='item.image'> <br>
      <!-- <img src="../../assets/icon/bio.png" class="logo"> <br> -->
      <p class="margin title">{{}}</p>

This is my html for displaying list.

Image is not shown

1st image is of android version 9 and is android version 7

Screenshot_20200328-160748_Knowledge Up Screenshot_2020-03-28-16-26-17-538_com.cipher.knowledgeup

But when you try to dynamically add the image using the * ngFor statement.
What is the type of data you are adding to [src] = ‘item.image’?

Is a data File or is a Base64 or an address of your image file or what type of data is it?

I also use dynamic images in my applications that consume a service and bring the information from my table which contains the image in a Base64 format and works perfectly.

Here is an example of how I use it in one of my applications.

        <ion-col size="4" *ngFor="let events of global.eventsCat"> -> Data to be printed together with the image
          <!-- Start Icon -->
          <ion-grid class="ion-no-padding">
              <ion-col size="12" class="contain-center-center ion-no-padding">
                <ion-button (click)="openEvent(events.titulo,events.concepto,events.icon,events.inicio_fin)"
                  color="light" class="custom-buttons">
                  <img [src]="events.icon" [alt]="events.titulo"> -> Base64 image
              <ion-col size="12" class="contain-center-center ion-no-padding">
                <ion-label class="font-color">{{ events.titulo }}</ion-label>
          <!-- End Icon -->


I hope to be helpful

is [src]='item.image' an address?
Is it an Http or an Https address?
I think that Android doesn’t show the image because it is an Http address.


yes it is http request now it changed to https . It works

<img class="logo" src='{{item.image}}'>

This will show your image as I think.