Image not showing on device


this is my code

<img id="airlinesLogo" src= "{{ 'assets/images/airlines/' +
      [0].marketing_airline +'.png' }}"/>

It works well on the browser. but no image on the device.
What do i do wrong? can someone help?

(i already searched the forum for answers)


Try the following

<img id="airlinesLogo" src= "assets/images/airlines/{{[0].marketing_airline}}.png"/>

works in browser, but still not working on device

i must add, this is in a *ngFor

<div *ngFor="let itinerary of result.itineraries" >

I had to get all the png out of the airlines folder and put them direct in the images folder for it to work.
Would like to know why.

I have another folder in “images” and these images are being displayed on device.