Images as ion-radio buttons

I am trying to style ionics radio button like this:

This is how we create ionic radio button normally:

  <ion-list radio-group [(ngModel)]="cards">

         <ion-item >
           <ion-label class="someclass" >text</ion-label>
           <ion-radio   value="textsradio"></ion-radio>


with classic css and html its like this:

   <div class="cc-selector">

       <input checked="checked" id="visa" type="radio" name="credit-card" value="visa" />
       <label class="drinkcard-cc visa" for="visa"></label>

       <input id="mastercard" type="radio" name="credit-card" value="mastercard" />
       <label class="drinkcard-cc mastercard"for="mastercard"></label>

How can i do this with ionic radio button component ?

this worked for me.