How do you customize ionic radio inputs to appear as grouped buttons?

Something like we have in bootstrap

You could use ionic button bar and play with the activated class

Thanks for adding in. Yes, I saw button-bar but its just some buttons grouped inline. I am looking for a more out of the box and complete solution which has input radio logic.

To customize radio buttons, just hide the native html radio input via display:none and create a label for every radio input you have (the for-attribute should match the radio inputs id attribute). Then Style the label with css (here you can present them as grouped buttons). Every label should be wrapped in a parent container, which contains the label and the radio button, so you can style the active state of the radio button with the “plus” selector:

label + input[type='radio']:active {
  /*the styles for the active radio button*/

This trick lets you use the default radio logic, because the labels interact as layer for the hidden radio input fields.

Ended up writing a directive. Do check this