ImageResizer plugin not working on iPhone


I installed the ImagePicker plugin from
and did the steps given there but the plugin not working on the iPhone, app gets crashed. Here is my code -

compressImage(fileUri: string){
    return new Promise((resolve, reject)=>{
      let options: ImageResizerOptions = {
        uri: fileUri,
        folderName: this.file.externalDataDirectory,
        quality: 50,
        width: 1280,
        height: 1280,
        base64: true
      } ;

        .then((data: string) => {
          console.log('imageResizer FilePath', data);
          return resolve(data);
        .catch(e => {
          console.log('imageResizer error', e);
          return reject(e);

Once this.imageResizer.resize(options) get called the app gets crashed and no error is printed on the console. I am testing this on iPhone 5.

And also it is given in the documentation of ImageResizer plugin that with base64: true option the plugin returns the resized image in base64 string format, I have tested this on Android but I am getting the url of the image not base64 string.

Please help me to resolve this two issues. Thanks in advance!