[iOS only] Plugin only shows black screen or crashes

Hi, I’m using Ionic 4 (4.12.0) with the plugin versions:

"@ionic-native/photo-viewer": "^5.21.5",
"com-sarriaroman-photoviewer": "^1.2.4",

And the code is:

 public presentImage(imgSrc): void {
    this.photoViewer.show(imgSrc, '', {
      share: false,
      closeButton: true,
      copyToReference: true

The variable imgSrc is a base64. If I remove the options, the photoViewer opens with a black screen, but with the options it’s crashing the app. But as the title states, it only happens on iOS.

And if the plugin doesn’t support base64 for iOS, how should I proceed? Because what I get from a backend call is a base64.