ImageResizer Android not sizing image

I have been trying all day to get the @ionic-native/image-resizer/ngx image resizer working, it looks so simple from the documentation however the component successfully creates a new file but it is the same size as the original.

I am trying to use the component to create a thumbnail, I use the following code: -

        const options = {
            uri: uri,
            folderName: folderName,
            quality: 100,
            width: 200,
            height: 200
        } as ImageResizerOptions;

        return await this.imageResizer.resize(options);

Based upon this I would expect the image to be sized to 200px but it is not, the new file is created but it has the same dimensions as the original.

Anybody any ideas?

Where are you setting the value of uri?

I’m capturing an image from the camera, I then copy the image to a known local directory this is then used to create the uri parameter which is passed into the function that resizes the image. As said I have passed the destination folder as an external location and I can see that the image is created but it is not resized??

I’ve also noted the plugin is currently not supported and the original owner has advised not to use it :confused:

It appears that the resizer does indeed work, it was Windows explorer not refreshing the files via explorer!!

Having said that the images look terrible when resized :confused: