ImageResizer losing ratio on iOS

I’m using the Image Resizer ( ) to resize images before uploading to my server. The resizing works fine on Android, but when on iOS the resizer loses the ratio of the image. I’m getting a resized image with the height and width as I define in de ImageResizeOptions (1280x1280).

              const resizeOptions: ImageResizerOptions = {
                height: 1280,
                quality: 80,
                uri: orgSrc,
                width: 1280,
    "android") ?
                resizeOptions.folderName = "uploadTmp" :
                resizeOptions.fileName = this.fileName;

                .then((filePath: string) => {
                  this.resizedPreviewImgSrc = normalizeURL(filePath);
                  this.resizedSrc = filePath;
                  console.log("FilePath:", filePath);
                .catch((e) => {

Am I missing some options or am I using wrong options? Why does it take the height / width as max and keeps it’s ratio on Android, but does it lose it’s ratio when using on iOS? Any ideas?

Please advice…