If my app works just in Android should I use Ionic Native AppRate or using a Modal will be the same?

Since there is no “in app rating” in Android and there is no way to know if the user has really made a review which will be the benefit of use Ionic Native App Rate ?

Since I am not able to style the Ionic Native popup I am thinking on use just an android modal but I am not sure if I am overlooking something.

I have control over when I want to show it (not after N app uses but on N specific app interactions) so that part I have already coded.

I anybody has any advice will be welcome.


App Rate is just an easy way to ask your users to give you a rating and link them to the play store/App Store rating, which makes it more likely that they’ll do it.

It doesn’t let you know if they reviewed or what they wrote, but it will increase the number of reviews that you will get compared to not including the plugin.

Thanks @EvanW , I already use the Ionic Native Market plugin (to like the user to update webview when needed).

If I show a modal/popup with the same info as the one that comes in App Rate and link the “ok” button to the market with the Native Market plugin to Open the store. Then the function will be the same as the Native plugin? or?