Need to help add AppRate to Ionic app


Hi guys,
I don’t know much about code.
Can anyone help me how i can call AppRate when use tap on app or auto show popup AppRate in my app?
Thank you!


Have you tried this plugin?


Hi Gmarziou,
Yes, this plugin, i don’t know how to call plugin when tap on my app


I have a tutorial on using the AppRate plugin here: - I’m not sure what you mean exactly when you say you don’t know much about code but perhaps you might benefit from learning a little more about the Ionic framework in general as well.


Thank you JoshMorony,
can you help me with simple code ?
Im try to learn more about the Ionic fw as well


There is sample code in the tutorial I linked, you should be able to add that code as it is into an Ionic application. If you aren’t able to follow the tutorial though you will just need to learn more about how Ionic works first, the documentation is a great place to start.