I need help with project, get external Content

Hi experts,

i need help to enhance ionic to get different external HTML+Javascript Content. I dont want to use iframe!

Can someone help me for some hours (i dont think it is much work).


There’s a lot of things to think on that.
I had to deal with this in a project and ended up creating a custom inAppBrowser for that

I really need to include content from different urls (api Output). So what would this cost?

send me a message on this forum, or paste it here, with more detail about what sort of information you need to display.


e.g. this content: http://www.mein-online rechner.com/onlinerechner-ext.php?pid=316&include=1

So simple HTML and Javascript Content

And why you don’t want it as an iframe?

i am afraid of having to many scrollbars in it, because of the fact, that sizes do not fit… and another prob is, that user should also use site offline (more later).

I checked the site and, when you submit, it reloads, so, to be offline you need to code your own version.
If you gonna code your own version, do it inside ionic :wink:

yes exactly! and Now i am here to aks if some give me the part of icnluding external Content (i think i need angularjs).

You asked for an example of code… Code will look like this code… of course without reloading

What I mean is:

  • If you can, create your own version of that, using ionic controllers.
  • If you need it to be offline, you need everything inside your app, so the api call must be removed and everything must be in your code.
    Maybe you need to hire someone to help you planning on that.

Thank you, but this all is clear. I need the Part to include Content from external URL and someone who can this develop. I already tested it but it did not work.

I have another idea. Can i perhaps use http://market.ionic.io/starters/mobionic and change part of getting RSS URLS, because its the same with including external URL?