Http:// redirection

Accessing this site, or a page in the site, redirects to the main ionic website. The content is no longer available, except when using google cache that apparently has pages from 5/4/16

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Yeah, I saw that. But how do I reach these articles after finding them with Google? Example:

The left navbar is really easy and comprehensive. Plus, there’s a search bar, top-center.

Hum, I’m not looking for V2 docs, as I’m still on V1.x. Moreover, I searched through docs/ and docs/v2/ but did not find the article mentioned above. So are they removed or, if not, how can I access them?

Hi priand,
Can you acces it now? I’ve already made a separate topic today, 10 min ago. I think it’s little irresponsible if it’s already 7. day that site is not accessible. Is there any notice from ionic team?