I have installed ionic what next please

Dear Friends,

I am totally new to ionic, I tried year ago and could not understand then I stopped using it.
Now I can see ionic has developed a lot and made it easier for everybody to use it.

Now I started enjoying learning the framwork, I have installed ionic and also created my first App package and also I have uploaded my app files to the online panel which is available at https://apps.ionic.io/app
Now I wonder what is the next step please? I have tried a lot searching in Google & Youtube but I don’t know what is the best next way to get started.
I have a social networking site based on PHP, I want to build an app for my that site. I wonder how now I can convert my that website into ionic App? How I can start adding the links of my website to the App.

Appreciate if someone can guide me in easy simple words step by step how to begin now?

I can see the the front screen at https://apps.ionic.io/app/ which shows Ionic Push and asking me to start creating push notifications. I wonder do I have to setup that now or I can do at the end?

My main aim is to build ionic app for my that website and also I want to send push notifications to my users whenever someone likes their post or follow etc.

Please guide me so that I can start working/ learning & enjoying my first ionic app.

Thanks heaps in advance.

Anyone reply to me please I have been waiting :frowning:
Is that possible to create an app with ionic for already running a website ? How to connect the database of my website ? How my site can have a app based on ionic please. I can’t find anything in Google I’m so tired :frowning: please help

You’ll need to write an app version of your site. There’s not a whole lot we can do here, other than point you to our docs for how to use the framework. But you need to figure out how to develop your app

Thanks for the reply, made me happy.
Hope ionic will find a way for this thing as well, so that people like me can convert their existing websites into nice hybrid ionic app.