HTML5 video playing HLS on Android 4.4.2

I’m trying to run this HLS stream in a HTML5 video tag in my ionic app:

<video width="400" height="200" playsinline webkit-playsinline preload="metadata" controls poster="img/poster.jpg">
            <source src="" type='application/x-mpegurl' />

This plays fine on iOS and Android 5, but it doesn’t work on Android 4.4.2. The video tag appears fine, the poster is loaded, but the play button is not active.

I tried playing this directly in the browser (Internet and Chrome) and it works fine.

I’ve also tried Clappr video player, which works also on iOS and Android 5 but not on Android 4.4.2…
Is the webview different on all Android Versions?

Any ideas?

HI @velcrodesign ,

I’m wondering if you solve this?.

I have the same situation and after a little research, I find a few solutions for this, but I don’t want to add third parties proyects to my app, like jwplayer, oplayer. So… maybe you solve this with a plugin or something like that.


No, I had to use jwplayer… Was the only solution that worked across devices…

Thanks @velcrodesign, The free plan of jwplayer doesnt support HLS. :(… you pay for it? or use in other way?

Did you try to use CrossWalk?

ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview

Try and report!