HTML5 video tag on Android only playing sound

This is on an ionic v4 app.

Just trying to play a simple video e.g.

<video id="myVideo" controls playsinline width="100%">
      <source src="" />

Works in iOS but on Android only plays the sound. Controls etc load fine and no error is shown.

Tried this on different SDKs and cordova-android versions without any luck.

I have the same problem on ionic v4 Android app.
I tried with the following code and only play sound:

<video id="demoVideo" preload webkit-playsinline playsinline autoplay loop controls>
    <source src="assets/video/demo.mp4" type='video/mp4; codecs="h.264"'>
    <source src="assets/video/demo.webm" type="video/webm">

Any solution?

I found this to be an issue only with the Android simulators. It is annoying (and still should be considered an issue) but at least it works on real devices. Are you experiencing this on a device?

Oh, I just tried it on a real device and it works correctly, so it’s just an Android emulator bug.