How to use Cordova plugin in chrome browser?

how to use and plugin cordova plugin in chrome browser?
Eg : for using barcode scan, sqlite

I have never tried, but this might be what you are looking for

A Google Chrome extension to mock Cordova plugins and APIs.

  • Barcode Scanner
  • Camera *
  • Contacts *
  • Device Motion *
  • Device Orientation *
  • Device *
  • Dialogs *
  • File *
  • Flashlight
  • Geolocation *
  • Globalization *
  • Network Information *
  • Vibration *

*official Apache Cordova Plugin

In the github repo he has committed 9 days ago. But the app in the Web Store dated to 2015. So I doubt it supports Ionic 2. You might have to build by yourself.

Is not working for me… any other way to trying to find out it

please help me.


My suggestion would be using an emulator if you don’t have a real device to test.

Android Studio has one. Also my personal favorite is Genymotion.

You can download the free version here