How to use a Database? Totally lost

I’m planning to create an OFFLINE Dictionary app. I’m looking at both Android, iOS and if possible, blackberry and Windows Phone too.

My data currently looks like this:

  1. Word1 (v) Meaning1 of Word1, Meaning2 of Word1. Why did you abandon your studies? Translation of the previous statement?
  2. Word2 (adv.) Meaning1 of Word2. Everybody rushed to the house which was ablaze. Translation of the previous statement.

There’s such ~6000 words with meaning(s), Example statement in english and then translation of the statement as shown above. How should I proceed forward? The .txt file is currently 1.2 MB in total.

It needs to be pre-populated too. Is there any working example? I’m so lost as it’s my first time learning how to create an app.

keep reading tutorials about cordova sqlite-lite plugin and puchdb.

Maybe websql enough for your app!

Check out my tutorial here [solved]Database in ionic
It may help you.