Read and use prepopulated SQLite database with an Ionic projec

Hi there,

I tried to read a sqlite file and use the datas to load in the app like a list, details, information that exists in the database but I’m not sure how do it, I just want to read the datas and not insert more changes in the database.
All the documentation that I found talk about initialize and create a database with the app but anything clear with a prepopulate.
Also, I read and test with the ng-cordovaSQLite and read the file with the ng-cordovaFile plugins but I’m really confuse.

  • Where I have to put in the folders of the project the database file?
  • How load the file in the app?
  • Do you know a good tutorial for this?


Hi @kararade,

Have you seen this?:

It shows how to use a pre-filled SQLite database in your Android and iOS project.