SQlite or .JS for database

I haven’t come across any tutorial with pre-filled database .db except link to another tutorial which doesn’t work at all.

I have seen many tutorial which uses .js to store data and retrieve it. I’m creating an offline dictionary app. I’m wondering if it’s okay to us .js to store the data of over 9000 lines.

If not, can someone point me to the right tutorial that is easy to follow and has a pre-fill .db tutorial too? Something complete with preferably example code…


Is very easy with SQLite (Tested with pre-filled databases with 25000 records), see my example: https://github.com/jdnichollsc/Ionic-Starter-Template

Regards, Nicholls

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Thank you. I’ll have a look at it. Does your example have search facility too?

if you want to search with ease, you can use this https://github.com/alanthales/ojs-db#finding-records
Works perfectly with sqlite, localstorage or what you want. If you need help using the framework , you can talk to me.

See, using SQL queries… https://github.com/jdnichollsc/Ionic-Starter-Template/issues/2