How-to upload picture from camera on DEVAPP and Ionic View

Just what’s on the topic title: Is there any way to create a project to upload images taken from the camera and test it on DEVAPP and Ionic View?

After checking cordova-plugin-camera 2.4.1 "Camera" is available at

shouldn’t it be right that someone had used it to upload an image from camera to a server API on app build and test it on DEVAPP and Ionic View?

I haven’t used DevApp yet, but people have build a lot of Ionic apps that upload images to a server. Probably thousands of them. Not sure what you are asking.

Yes. It may sound strange if you’ve never used DevApp or Ionic View to share and test at design time, but I think I’m clear:

And yes, there are thousands of built apps that upload files to a server. Even I had been able to code some (5 exactly) that use that feature.

But what I amb asking is: “Are DevApp and IonicView able to do it?”

And why am I asking if DevApp and IonicView allow to test this functionality? Well, these two tools are promoted as an easy an fast way for testing Ionic apps before production, but, as for my experience, they lack of this feature because some native plugins are not supported.

I mean: cordova-file-transfer, cordova-file and cordova-file-transfer plugins are not supported. But cordova-plugin-camera is. So, why is this plugin supported in DevApp and IonicView if there is no option to manage and transfer the images captured using the standard procedures explained in lots of tutorials and blogposts?

So far, is there any other way to capture or choose an image from the device and upload it to a server that I can use both on the “build-deploy path” and on “DevApp/IonicView share and test utilities”?

Maybe because those tutorials and blogposts are wrong. I mean, they might have been right the time they were written. (Though maybe not even then…) But the Cordova file transfer plugin is superseded, and the long range plan seems to be to sunset as many Cordova plugins as feasible. I don’t know about the other plugins you mention, but I try to find web API alternatives to Cordova, so I don’t know much about Cordova details.

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