Can i use an ionic app as a webpage?


I have an ionic app, it’s deployed and it’s working very well. All i want to do is to use the app when a customer is using my website from a mobile browser. More exactly i want to open the app in the browser, not like a stand alone app but like a web page. Maybe the customer doesn’t want to install the app but whant to use it instantly in browser. Is that possible? And if it’s possible, how can i achieve that?


Of course you can do that !! It’s exactly how my app works at the moment.

After generating you’re app you have in your app folder, a folder called “www” and if you launched the index.html file, it will opened in your browser, so you just have to uploaded correctly on your site and it will work.

Just becareful with the platform, may be you can test with different platform, i choose the windows one, if i remember correctly my android version made issues. You have to try :wink:


Check this guide out:
Josh uses specific hosting but the article basically walks you through what needs to happen to turn your Ionic project into progressive web app…