How to test apps Live Location Movement Update on map without Moving with Mock Location Setup

What I did is →

  1. I have created an Ionic App with Here Map service and drawn polyline with some co_ordinates
  2. Implemented watch and display user position on the map with marker

What I need is->

  1. If I went out with the apps I can see the location changes on the map polyline
  2. I need to test without manual movement, need to test with mock location service app wants to receive mocked location co_ordinates,
  3. co_ordinates can send by following the app in play store
  4. else I need to test with emulator route co_ordinates

note: My app is made up of capacitor plugin, can get any ref or idea to test live location without manual movement in capacitor plugged ionic app

Run your ionic app on iphone simulator then at Top Menu → Features-> Locations- City Run

You have live coordinates updates.