Fake / Mock Location & Root / Jailbreak

Hey, I am looking for plugins to check fake / mock location & root / jailbreak device in Ionic 5 and Capacitor 3. Thank you!

Mm, not really, as there isn’t a great way to check in native. You could look for different third-party apps being installed, but jailbreakers would most likely have a good way to work around this. It’s not really worth the time to check.

Hi, thanks for the response. Since it’s client request and it’s seems impossible to implement, i’ll try to negotiate that.

My application have a module that use google maps coordinates to do some transactions, it’s vital if someone use fake / mock location. Is there any way to check that?

I already tried this Background Geolocation: Cordova Background Geolocation Tracking. I check the plugin in github it have mockLocationsEnabled. But when i build my code, it’s always says not compatible with sdk 31.