How to Stop IONIC Reverse Engineering


Some bad guys may try to reverse engineer your app, change the package name and publish the app with their own package name so I wrote this function which may help to stop that … your feedback is very welcomed.

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I see zero value here. Anybody motivated to do what you are suggesting would certainly be capable of NOPing out this function and any calls to it.


we are trying to make his job harder AFAIK no perfect solution to prevent Reverse Engineering but with my technique and some uglifying methods so he can’t remove it from code easily … will that do the trick?


I still think this is a fool’s errand. If somebody infringes on your copyright, there are legal remedies. Attempts at technical methods are pointless.

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Apart from being rather easy to circumvent, this looks like a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. I’ve never heard about this being a serious real-world problem.

It reminds me of those startups that go all apeshit about secrecy and patents and non-disclosure agreements and whatnot, because they’re afraid that “somebody’s going to steal my idea”. It’s a theoretical problem, it doesn’t happen.


And if it does it is a legal problem, not a technological one as @rapropos already mentioned.